2023 Performers

The Monkey Bunch

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The Monkey Bunch is now The Mamas and The Papa but who are they?

The Monkey Bunch are Shoshana Sperling, Graham Powell and Lisa Brooke. Sperling is a writer/cartoon actor/performer who has conceived of, co-wrote and performed two CD’s for children with her band The Monkey Bunch entitled “Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch” and “Power to the Little People” which was nominated for a Juno. She’s also the proud Mama of a 16 year old. Powell is a musician/songwriter/photographer/inventor who has played with the likes of Jann Arden and Christina Hutt. He’s also the proud Papa of a 4 year old. Brooke is a director/writer/performer/teacher who teaches at Community OutWitch and 2nd City in Toronto and wrote for Baroness Von Sketch. She’s the proud Mama of a 15 year old. 

Playing a variety of musical styles guaranteed to delight fans of every genre, this trio engages kids with musicality and humour, while imparting important educational messages about the environment. A band with a social conscience, they inspire children (and their parents) to be active in taking care of the planet we all share. The Monkey Bunch say: “Our goal is to use authentic music and humour to empower kids to save the world. POWER TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE!”

Christina Hutt

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Once described as a full-bodied glass of red wine, it is reminiscent of the succulent vocals you would have heard flowing from a transistor radio in the late 50’s

She welcomes you into the secrets of her heart with fierce passion and endearing spirit.  Christina’s diversity in genres is a pleasant surprise.  The lyrics in her song “Cracks & Crevices” takes you deep into the chilling darkness of mental distress while her tune “Fifteen Shades” makes you feel like you might just be at a Patsy Cline Tribute Show.

Queen T

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Singer, Model & Fitness Coach Talise Harris began her journey as a Full Time Personal Trainer. After a couple of years Talise came to the realization that her full potential wasn’t being reached. There was a side of her she wasn’t letting free. Her self love & recognition continued to grow and her passions in the arts then began to spark.

Talise began making her own music, and started to take on modeling opportunities. Now featuring in several Magazines, as well as having regular music releases Talise knows she is on her path of spreading love and expressing herself through her arts.“My vision is clear, I follow my intuition, I’m manifesting my dreams daily.”


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Music Producer & DJ SHAD3Z has been on a rapid rise over the last 3 years. His music journey first started in Sarnia & London, Ont. Since then he’s been performing all over Canada from Clubs to Resorts in places like Toronto, Calgary & Banff. He’s performed alongside some of the biggest names in Music Industry such as Malaa, Bijou, Cloverdale, D.O Gibson, Young Stitch, Casper Marcus, ect. He’s had music appearances on the TV Shows Letterkenny & Far From Home.

SHAD3Z continues to spread good energy & good music on a regular!

“Future’s So Bright, Gotta Wear SHAD3Z!”

Hollow River

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Meet Hollow River, the multi-instrumentalist and pop punk rapper hailing from both Canada and the United States.

After picking up the guitar at just eight years old, Hollow River began exploring different styles and sounds, eventually finding their sound blending Pop Punk with Rap elements. Their music is characterized by infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and dynamic instrumentals, all infused with a punk rock edge.

Hollow River’s journey into music began with an internship at Grant Avenue Studio, which led them to study Songwriting and Music Production & Engineering at Berklee College of Music. In addition to their music studies, Hollow River also studied creative writing at the University of Ottawa, where they honed their storytelling skills and developed a unique lyrical style.

With their growing skill set and creative vision, Hollow River has quickly become a sought-after artist. They have been featured on popular radio stations such as 102.1 The Edge (Toronto), Live 88.5 (Ottawa), and 92.5 The River (Boston), captivating audiences with their energy and artistry.

Be sure to check out Hollow River’s latest single and follow them on social media for updates on their upcoming shows. Experience the unique blend of pop punk and rap that Hollow River brings to the stage.