2023 Artists & Vendors

Nutmeg Studio

Megan creates brightly coloured mixed media works including her series of paintings titled ‘Curiously Colourful Hens’, as well as many other botanical and forest works. Alongside her paintings, she shares a new series of necklaces made from braided coloured cotton rope with the star of the show being her handmade wooden beads. All beads are hand cut from a variety of hardwoods, sanded, and finished with a natural beeswax treatment. These pieces have a geometric element to them evoking a sense of ease and simplicity while also inciting a playful spirit with the way each wooden bead moves individually within a stacked unit.

Nutmeg Studio is all about – exploration and play!


Homestead Pottery

Functional wood-fired pottery & woodworking created in Haliburton, ON by husband and wife duo, Matt & Lisa. All of their pottery is fired in a kiln fueled strictly by locally sourced off cut wood and is fine crafted for everyday use. The work coming out of the kiln is often fired without a large amount of glazes. This allows for the flame and ash to leave natural patterns and warm toasty surfaces on each piece. Working with simple hand tools and processes, Matt works in a slow methodical pace to create stunning hand carved spoons, cutting boards often objects that could be considered “tools” unto themself.

While keeping one hand on the present and the other shaping the future, together they have managed to remain true to their passion for making.


Moth Jewelry

Natural and beautiful, Moth is a specialty line of waxed linen jewelry. Leslie Howchin consciously creates comfortable and durable pieces that are waterproof and wearable, all day, every day. Her line is intrinsically woven into the themes of her Muskoka homestead. Rugged granite, towering pines and clear waters. Based in Muskoka, inspired by Nature, Moth Jewelry is where love and creativity come together.


Felt Muskoka

Danielle Hutt of FELT creates pillows and wall art using reclaimed wool blankets and the art of needlefelting. All designs are needle felted onto the wool blankets using raw sheep’s wool called rovings. The designs are all different and unique because wool has a wonderful, whimsical mind if it’s own. 

Danielle lives in Lake of Bays, Muskoka with her family.



Looma Handwovens brings together my love of fibre with a desire to create beautiful, functional items. My focus is on small floor rugs and table mats handwoven using reclaimed fabrics. These colourful pieces are durable and meant for the hard work of laying at your front door, or in the kitchen and bathroom.

Work is also in progress on floor mats using Canadian sourced wool. 

Looma Handwovens are created in my studio in Lake of Bays, Ontario and bring together the wonderful teaching of weavers from across our country, from BC to Nova Scotia. My goal is producing high quality, functional items that will last for many years, using reclaimed and locally sourced fibres.


Mixtape Vintage

Mixtape Vintage grew out of Heidi’s passion for hunting and gathering vintage items, and a desire to live more sustainably by reducing, reusing and repairing as much as possible.

A conscious effort to buy/collect vintage is a great way to live more sustainably and Heidi is on a mission to make this a more accessible option for more people by curating a shop full of old treasures ready for new homes!

Obsessed by the colour and patterns of the 60s & 70s aesthetic, Heidi loves infusing these palettes into the shop often. She is also influenced by the music and festival culture of this era and is drawn to the more casual folk pieces that seamlessly blend into the cottage culture of Haliburton life.

Like a nostalgic compilation of your favourite tunes, this curated mix of vintage covers the 60s – 90s.


Magi J Designs

Shelby has a love affair with jewellery. She creates heirloom quality pieces, in gold, platinum & sterling silver, made for everyday wear. Designing and creating the modern & timeless pieces that adorn you, is her great privilege. Each piece is created with the hope that you will love them, wear them everyday and in time, share them with those you love.

Life is a journey, our jewellery will help to tell your story.


Burnt Timber Art

Crafting wooden accessories, artworks and custom signage, Keri-Lyn’s ambition has been to create unique and beautiful products using the elements of wood and fire, and through them, offering a sense of grounding and connection to the natural world. Because of her commitment to ethical and sustainable wood sourcing most of her products are created using upcycled or salvaged wood from areas close to her home in Muskoka, Ontario. From humble beginnings making simple wooden pendants, Burnt Timber Art has grown in many directions. Now offering original art and jewelry pieces, custom signage, personalized wedding gifts, commemoration pieces and much more.

Pyrography: the art of drawing with fire.


Blackbird Pottery

Ceramic artist and vintage huntress, April Gates, creates fine crafted, hand decorated pottery from the pine scented hills of the Haliburton Highlands. With a background in image making and a concern for function, April is largely influenced by landscape, all things vintage, nostalgia, and prose. Her studio is just minutes from the village of Haliburton where she enjoys hosting classes, workshops & events, talking pots, rural life and craft. Brick by brick, Blackbird Pottery continues to evolve in an amazing pocket of Canada!


Wild Muskoka Botanicals

Wild Muskoka is thrilled to be back at Lovefest. We will once again be running the Botanical Bar offering up a selection of premium cocktails and mocktails featuring local wildcrafted flavours. Our drinks are delicious and refreshing, feature high-quality natural ingredients, and are made with so much LOVE. We will also have our full line of Wild Muskoka Botanicals products at our pop-up booth. Take the opportunity to stock up on your favorites at one of our only summer vending events.


Moon Over Water

Working with natural and organic fabrics (hemp, organic cotton, linen) Moon Over Water is all about creating comfortable, easy to wear clothing and accessories for all of life’s adventures.  From designing, to sewing and dyeing, I (Willow) carefully and lovingly make each piece in my small home studio in North Bay, ON.  It is my hope that you will love to wear these creations as much as I do!



Katie Küntz (she/her), is a maker based out of North Bay, ON. Her product line consists of a variety of project bags, do-it-yourself patch kits, fabric crowns, and more! Scrap, found, and used textiles are her core materials for making fun and functional items. Taking inspiration from the materials themselves and turning them into something new for people to enjoy once again.


Box of Paints

Exploring Everything Within and the Space Between
J. Claveau works with mixed media to explore the connection between visual art and music.

Claveau is both a musician and a visual artist. She uses watercolours, acrylics, collage and music meditation to bring her polyphonic visions to life. She makes her own collage materials, often painting canvases, deconstructing and rebuilding.

She has developed her own signature style that she has branded “Intracolour” or “Intracolourism”. Claveau describes her style as creating an environment of spontaneous unraveling, by simultaneously considering all the angles and textures of light and dark. She considers herself and explorer of colour ideas and uses squares, cubes and boxes as her primary containers for experimentation. She sees the infinite potential within the boxes of colours and where they spontaneously appear in the present moment, once she reaches what she describes as a visual “flow state”.


The Detour Co

The Detour Co is a sensitive skin focused skincare brand started out of a desire for something different. We are known for soft textures and subtle scents while prioritizing high quality ingredients that inspire connection with ones self through appreciation for nature.


The Bohemy Co

Josianne started this creative venture so she could be a bohemian vagabond and create from the beach, while camping in the forest, in the south.
Hand crafted in a trailer with raw materials.


Minden Pride

Minden Pride is a volunteer-driven, non-profit Haliburton County organization operating as a part of the Haliburton County Community Cooperative and comprised of local business owners and residents. Our mandate is to provide an opportunity for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and their allies to celebrate our culture, heritage and diversity by nurturing a safe community for LGBTQ2+ people of all ages. An annual week-long festival in August celebrates the diversity of Haliburton County’s community, and helps promote the organization’s message of dignity, respect and inclusivity.